Name:ZYS-P30/150 Conveyor (604B)

Product Code:604B


Function:Accumulator & UV & connection & Transition



-- Main frame:stainless steel.

-- Adjustable speed.

-- UV sterilization function available when connecting with ZENYER egg washer and egg grader.

-- Modular design, can connect with ZENYER 101A egg grader, 101B egg grader , 102B egg grader.

-- Loading 30 eggs per lift via ZENYER 602 Vacuum egg lifter .


Floor plan of ZENYER 604B conveyor


ZENYER 604B conveyor(UV)



 UV sterilization of 604B conveyor



ZENYER 604B Conveyor(UV):  only $3,300.00 (GST included)

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Video link of 604B conveyor with 102B egg grader: