Egg washer

Name:ZYX-J1-1 Egg washer (200AS)

Product Code: 200AS

Capacity: 2,000 eggs/hour

Function: Candler, Sanitizer, washing, water blower



-- Made of strong stainless steel for great durability and hygiene. 

-- Including ramp loading, candler, sanitizer sprayer, washing, water blower fan and manual collection table with capacity of 2000 eggs per hour.

-- The sanitizer sprayer sprays sanitizer or detergent (customer provides) onto eggs automatically for food security purpose. The eggs will be cleaned by brushes with warm water (customer provides water heater).

-- Ideal for free range farm, and satisfies of egg cleaning requirements.

-- Only 2 workers are required (one for loading & candling, the other for egg collection).

-- Has a compact structure and occupies minimal space.


Egg washer



Product code



2,000 eggs/hour


3.9 KW, 50HZ


220-240V, single phase

Dimension(L* W* H)

3.92*0.54*1.6 M

Net weight

250 kg

Gross weight

500 kg


Ramp loading, candler,sanitizer sprayer, washing, water blower fan* and manual collection table 

 ZENYER 200AS egg washer

 Ramp loading with LED candler 


Sanitizer sprayer


 Egg washing with brushes


 Water blower fan*



 Manual collection table

 Control panel



For ZENYER 200AS egg washer: Only $13,200.00

Price including GST


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* Water blower fan blows off excess water on eggs, the drying rate is no more than 70% per egg.


(if you need 95-99% drying rate, please choose ZENYER 200A egg washer, the 201A egg washer or the 202A egg washer)


 * 220-240V,Single phase, 50HZ only

ZYX-J1-1 Egg washer (200AS) Brochure