Egg lifter & loader

Name:ZYS-ZK-30 Vacuum egg lifter (602)

Product Code: 602

Capacity: 30 eggs per lift

Function: Vacuum egg lifting & loading



 -- Designed to transfer eggs from trays onto machines or from machines to trays.

-- Features a 30-egg lifter head, an air pipe, an air filter, a pressure regulator, a switch and a vacuum pump.

-- The air filter can prevent any unwanted waste from entering the motor.

-- There are some holes on the top board and these holes can prevent the suction cups from gluing itself to the board. Otherwise, it causes the motor to overheat. 

-- Easy to use, just plug the ends of the air pipe into the 2 coupling connectors.

-- Has a compact structure and takes up less storage space.

-- 6*5 suction cup can be changed into 3*5 suction cup based on users’ requirements.

-- Usually works alongside the ZENYER 604A accumulator, the 604B belt conveyorthe 605A accumulator or the 605G accumulator.

-- Can be used with the 702 plastic egg tray and the 703 plastic egg tray

Vacuum egg lifter



Product code



40,000 eggs/hour


550W, 50HZ,2.5A


220-240V, Single phase

Length* Width* Height

330*312*400 mm


3*5 or 6*5 cups

Gross weight

30 kg


Vacuum egg lifting & loading

Zenyer 602 vacuum egg lifter

Vacuum pump

Step 1: Match

Step 2: Apply an appropriate amount of pressure and lift
Step 3: Release


Price of ZENYER 602 Vacuum egg lifter: $2,200.00

Price including GST


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ZYS-ZK-30 Vacuum egg lifter (602) Brochure