Egg lifter & loader

Name:ZYS-G60/150 Accumulator (605G)

Product Code: 605G

Capacity: N/A

Function: Accumulator & orientator




-- Made of strong stainless steel and silicon big roller for great durability and hygiene. 

-- Including 6-row egg accumulator and single row orientator.

-- Can be connected with ZENYER 201A egg washerthe 202A egg washer,the 104A or the 104B egg grader.

-- Vacuum loading 30 eggs onto the 605G accumulator via the 602 vacuum egg lifter at a time.Then the orientator

would direct 6 lines of eggs into 1 line and transfer the eggs onto single conveyor egg washer or egg grader

nicely with no cracking.

-- Improving egg loading efficiency, and save your time.


Egg accumulator



Product code



290W, 50HZ


220-240V, single phase

Length* Width* Height

1.66*1.2*1.3 M

Net weight

120 kg

Gross weight

200 kg


Accumulator & orientator



 ZENYER 605G accumulator with the Orientator



For ZENYER 605G Accumulator: only $12,100.00

Price including GST 






-- The 602 Vacuum egg lifter: Only $1,980.00

ZYS-G60/150 Accumulator (605G) Brochure