Egg lifter & loader

Name:ZYS-P30/150 Conveyor (604B)

Product Code: 604B

Capacity: N/A

Function: Accumulator & UV & connection & Transition



-- Connecting ZENYER 200A/201A egg washer with the 101A/101B/102B egg grader.

-- Through the 604B conveyor, eggs coming from the 200A/201A egg washer are divided into 2 lines and transferred into the feeding lines of the 101A/101B egg grader, or separated into 3 lines and transferred into the 102B egg grader.

-- In addition to accumulator and transition, the 604B conveyor features the special design of UV disinfection. It takes advantage of the 604B UV disinfection system to sanitize egg shells for maximum food security.


Egg conveyor



Product code



218W, 50HZ


220-240V, single phase

Length* Width* Height

1.5*0.38*1.3 M

Net weight

80 kg

Gross weight

150 kg


Accumulator & UV & Transition



Floor plan of ZENYER 604B conveyor


ZENYER 604B conveyor(UV)





 UV sterilization of the 604B conveyor



For ZENYER 604B Conveyor(UV):  only $3,300.00 (GST included)


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Video link of the 604B conveyor with the 102B egg grader:

ZYS-P30/150 Conveyor (604B) Brochure