Egg washer

Name:ZYX-J1-2 Egg washer(200A)

Product Code: 200A

Capacity: 3,000 eggs/hour

Function: Candler, Sanitizer, Brush Washing and Drying



-- Made of strong stainless steel for great durability and hygiene. 

-- Including ramp loading, candler, sanitizer sprayer, washing, drying and optional egg printer with capacity of 3000 eggs per hour.

-- The sanitizer sprayer sprays sanitizer or detergent (customer provides) onto eggs automatically for food security purpose. The eggs will be cleaned by brushes with warm water (customer provides).

-- Water on the eggs will be swept off by the drying brushes, and meanwhile the eggs themselves are dried by the drying fan system. The drying rate can reach up to 95% which depends on the environment humidity.

-- Only 2 people are required (one for egg loading & candling, the other for packing). 

-- Connecting with ZENYER 101B egg grader, the 604B conveyor and optional the 401H egg printer to build ZENYER 300A egg processing line with capacity of 3000 eggs/hour.


Egg washer



Product code



3,000 eggs/hour


5.8 KW, 50HZ


380-415V, 3-phase


220-240V, single phase

Dimension (L* W* H)

4.6*0.6*1.6 M

Net weight

350 kg

Gross weight

700 kg


Ramp loading, candler, sanitizer sprayer, brush washing, drying, manual collection table and optional egg printer


 ZENYER 200A egg washer


Ramp loading with LED candler 


Sanitizer sprayer


 Egg washing with brushes



Remarkable Drying system


Manual collection table


Control panel




For ZENYER 200A egg washer: Only $19,800.00



-- The 401H Egg printerOnly $4,950.00

Price including GST


 ( In stock)


* standard configuration is 3-phase,please remind us if you need single phase.

ZYX-J1-2 Egg washer(200A) Brochure